Welcome to Radiant Healthcare Solutions

custom radiology interfaces

At Radiant Healthcare Solutions, we specialize in providing custom radiology interfaces that interact with and connect multiple physician office electronic medical records systems, laboratories, and imaging centers as well as Hospital Information Systems.

The custom healthcare technology solutions that we provide also include the ability to view a unified work list among multiple PACS, Code Critical Reporting, and Radiology Workflow Analysis and Design. We also provide radiology system review, needs assessment, RFP consulting, and real time V.I.E.W.© of the data we collect.

What Sets Us Apart

Our capability to provide real-time order tracking, reporting, and radiologist productivity data are what sets us apart from other solutions that are based on billing data that could be over a month old. We work with our clients to determine their needs when setting up their custom interfaces. We have the capacity to provide solutions that aggregate data from multiple locations into a single view.

We have the capacity to work with large scale, multi-tiered imaging centers and hospitals. We have been providing custom healthcare technology solutions for over twenty-five years, which gives us the experience to get new services up and running smoothly, quickly and seamlessly.